Q#1. Hikmah

Orang yg tidak pernah miskin atau memaknai kemiskinan, susah baginya untuk merasa kaya. Orang akan sulit memaknai kebahagiaan, kalau dia sendiri tidak pernah memaknai kesusahan. Sama dengan mengatakan, orang  akan sulit menghargai arti kehidupan, kalau dia tidak pernah memaknai arti kematian. Demikian pula, orang akan sulit menghargai arti kehidupan di dunia selama dia tidak pernah mau memaknai arti akhirat.

NSK Nugroho, MCH CHt


About nsknugroho2012

I'am a Professional Hypnotist - Hypnotherapist - and Trainer (In indonesia it called as Hipnotist or Hipnoterapis) based on hypnosis and hypnotherapy, I learend from UNRE (University of Neuro Research Education) and I got license from NGH ande IACT, I form IBH which I've already leaved, and now my Institute is YHI (Yayasan Hipnoterapi Indonesia) registered Departemen Hukum dan HAM Republik Indonesia reg. no. AHU-400.AH.01.04. Tahun 2009 And now, besides I have my own IT company, I give therapy based hypnotherapy. I also give Training based on hypnotherapy, such as motivation, Communication miracle, Spiritual Excellence, Parenting, Slimming, Birthing, etc. Because I know, like Steven Heller says' "No such thing as Hypnosis", we can use hypnosis in many area or life.
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